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Disposing of rechargeable batteries is a heck of a lot easier than disposing of single-use batteries, thank goodness! Finding a location that collects dead rechargeable batteries to see that they're properly recycled can take less than a minute of your time, thanks to the nonprofit organization Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC).

To find a rechargeable-battery recycling drop-off location near you, follow these steps:

1. Point your browser to

2. Type your zip code in the text box in the lower-left area of the page and click the Go button.

3. Choose a location near you.

4. (Optional) If you need help navigating to your selection, click the Yahoo! link in the rightmost column to see a map.

Other places that accept rechargeable batteries include

✓ Cellphone retail outlets

✓ Cellphone and computer corporate take-back programs (more information available on their Web sites)

✓ Consumer electronics stores, such as Radio Shack and Best Buy

To find out more about recycling other hopelessly useless electronics and electronic waste, check out Chapter 16.

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