Appendix Notation

The following symbols are used in this chapter:

a = food assimilation efficiency (dimensionless); aDOC = factor relating Kdoc to Kow

(dimensionless); aphyto = enhancement factor for PCB sorption to phytoplankton (dimensionless); As = surface area (m2); C = total (freely-dissolved plus DOC-bound plus particulate) PCB concentration (pg L-1);

Cdis = freely-dissolved PCB concentration (pgL-1);

CDOC = DOC-bound PCB concentration (pg L-1); Coxygen = dissolved oxygen concentration in water (mg L-1);

Eij = bulk dispersion coefficient for mixing between segments 'i' and 'j' (m3 s-1); flipid = fraction of organism mass that is comprised of lipids (g(lipid) g-1 (wet weight));

foc = fraction organic carbon (gC g-1

(dry weight)); K<j = equilibrium partition coefficient between particulate and freely-dissolved phases (L kg-1);

Kdoc = equilibrium partition coefficient between DOC and freely-dissolved phases (L kg-1);

Kqw = octanol-water partition coefficient (L kg-1);

k = PCB transformation rate coefficient (d-1);

kb = PCB back-diffusion rate coefficient across organism membrane or gill (d-1);

ke = PCB excretion rate coefficient (d-1); kf' = porewater-water column exchange rate coefficient (m d-1); kg = growth dilution rate coefficient (d-1); km = PCB metabolic rate coefficient (d-1); ku = PCB uptake rate coefficient across organism membrane or gill (L g-1 (wet weight) d-1); kv' = volatilization rate coefficient (m d-1); Ikl = consumption rate of organism 'k'

feeding on organism 'l' (g(wet prey) g-1 (wetpred.) d-1); m = solids concentration (mg L-1); Qij = flow rate from segment 'i' to segment 'j' (m3 s-1); R = respiration rate in wet weight equivalents (g(wet weight respired) g-1 (wet weight) d-1);

RoXygen = respiration rate in oxygen equivalents (g(O2 respired) g-1 (wet weight) d-1); t = time (d); V = volume (m3);

WC = PCB input rate from external sources, e.g., tributaries, effluent discharges (kg d-1);

wb = burial rate for solids (cm yr-1); ws = solids settling velocity (m d-1); wu = solids resuspension velocity (m d-1); akl = PCB assimilation efficiency for organism 'k' feeding on organism 'l' (dimensionless); | = gill transfer efficiency (dimensionless); .T = solid phase PCB concentration (|g g-1 (dry weight));

v = biota PCB concentration (ug g-1 (wet weight)); ^ = porosity (dimensionless);

The following subscripts are used in this chapter:

sed = surface (active) sediment layer; phyto = phytoplankton.

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