Contaminants And Management Issues Of The Hudson River Estuary

22 The History and Science of Managing the Hudson River 313 Dennis J. Suszkowski and Christopher F. D'Elia

23 Hudson River Sewage Inputs and Impacts: Past and Present 335 Thomas M. Brosnan, Andrew Stoddard, and Leo J. Hetling

24 PCBs in the Upper and Tidal Freshwater Hudson River Estuary: The Science behind the Dredging Controversy 349

Joel E. Baker, W. Frank Bohlen, Richard F. Bopp, Bruce Brownawell, Tracy K. Collier, Kevin J. Farley, W. Rockwell Geyer, Rob Nairn, and Lisa Rosman

25 Transport, Fate, and Bioaccumulation of PCBs in the Lower Hudson River 368 Kevin J. Farley, James R. Wands, Darin R. Damiani, and Thomas F. Cooney, III

26 Contaminant Chronologies from Hudson River Sedimentary Records 383 Richard F. Bopp, Steven N. Chillrud, Edward L. Shuster, and H. James Simpson

27 Atmospheric Deposition of PCBs and PAHs to the New York/New Jersey

Harbor Estuary 398

Lisa A. Totten, Steven J. Eisenreich, Cari L. Gigliotti,Jordi Dachs, DarylA. VanRy, Shu Yan, and Michael Aucott

28 Toxic Substances and Their Impact on Human Health in the Hudson

River Watershed 413

Philip J. Landrigan, Anne L. Golden, and H. James Simpson

29 Impacts of Piers on Juvenile Fishes in the Lower Hudson River 428 Kenneth W. Able and Janet T. Duffy-Anderson

30 Physiological and Genetic Aspects of Toxicity in Hudson River Species 441 Isaac Wirgin, Judith S. Weis, and Anne E. McElroy


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