a Note that Rondout Reservoir is connected to the Delaware Aqueduct and thus usually reported as part of the Delaware System

in a first order runoff ratio (Q/P) of 49 percent (Table 7.5). The ratio of mean Q/P based on another compilation of water budget parameters (Table 7.5; Darmer, 1987) is 56 percent, due to differences in both Q and P between the two sets of estimates. Since about half of annual precipitation influx is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration, the minimum expected median an nual surface water concentration of a conservative ion (e.g., chloride) derived from wet deposition would be approximately twice that observed in precipitation.

In addition to wet deposition (rain and snow), there is appreciable dry deposition to the watershed from aerosolimpaction on vegetation plus gas phase reactions (Likens etal., 1990). We estimate for

Table 7.5. Hudson River basin water budget0

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