Model Development

The purpose of our studies was to construct amodel to examine the transport, fate, and subsequent

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Figure 25.1. Large-space scale model for PCBs in the Lower Hudson River, New York-New Jersey Harbor, New York Bight, and Long Island Sound.

food-chain bioaccumulation of PCBs in the Lower Hudson. In this approach, PCB loadings from the Upper Hudson and from downstream sources were used in conjunction with model calculations for chemical transport and fate processes, and bioaccumulation to evaluate PCB responses in river water, sediment, and fish. A fifteen-year simulation period (from 1987 to 2002) was used for model calculations.

Long-term time scales (seasons and decades) were chosen for model application based on the decades-long extent of PCB inputs, the long-term "memory" of the sediment, the life span of striped bass, and the long-term projectionperiod. The geographic extent of the model was specified from the Federal Dam at Troy out into the New York Bight and Long Island Sound (Fig. 25.1). A large spatial segmentation of the water column was employed

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