Phytoplankton Primary Production in Context of the Hudson River Organic C Balance

In Table 9.1 we show estimates of the major inputs and outputs of organic C to the tidal-freshwater portion of the Hudson River based on the work of many investigators. The C balance of the lower estuary is discussed in the chapter by Howarth et al. (Chapter 10). The balance here is shown for both the pre-zebra mussel period (prior to 1992) and the post-zebra mussel period because of the major impact these bivalves have had on phytoplankton and because they have become an important component of respiration in the system. Unlike a number of large estuaries, phytoplankton production in the

Table 9.2. Net ecosystem heterotrophy (system GPP - system R) for the tidal-freshwater Hudson from several different approaches


Net Ecosystem Heterotrophy gCm-2 y-1

pre l992 post l992


Component GPP and R

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