Study Areas

The four segments of the river (Area 1 to Area 4; Fig. 5.1) mapped in the first phase of this Benthic Mapping Program include four distinct portions of the estuary.

Area 1 - The Tappan Zee Region: The Tappan Zee region extends 9.25 km from 1.8 km north of the Tappan Zee Bridge to the southern tip of Croton Point (41° 05' N to 41° 10' N). This wide region has a narrow, deep central channel cut into broad, shallow flats, and the water is saline through most of the year. Recent sedimentation, associated with potentially contaminated sediments, is limited to deposition in regions dredged near Nyack in the early 1900s, small tributary mouths, and the inside channel bend. A number of relict oyster beds were identified in this area.

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