Wet deposition influxes to hudson basin stream chemistry

The variation in mean annual precipitation (195180) in the Hudson basin is not large, ranging from >1,270 mm yr-1 in the Adirondack, Green, and Catskill Mountains to <965 mm yr-1 in the lowlands (Randall, 1996). The area-weighted annual precipitation for the entire basin is 1,080 mm yr-1, about 15 percent less than for the West Point station (1,275 mm yr-1) during the period of precipitation chemistry monitoring discussed here (1984-99).

The total area of the Hudson drainage basin is 34,620 km2 (Table 7.2), while the total watershed area of the NYC municipal water supply is about 5,066 km2,53 percent of which lies within the Hudson basin (Table 7.4). The total influx of tr m

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