Balance Indicators

Net additions to stock (NAS) measures the physical growth rate of an economy. New materials are added to the economy's stock each year (gross additions) in buildings and other infrastructure, and materials incorporated into new durable goods such as cars, industrial machinery and household appliances, while old materials are removed from stock as buildings are demolished, and durable goods disposed of. NAS may be calculated indirectly as the balancing item between the annual flow of materials that enter the economy (DMI), plus air inputs (for example, for oxidization processes), minus DPO, minus water vapor, minus exports. NAS may also be calculated directly as gross additions to stock, minus the material outputs of decommissioned building materials (as construction and demolition wastes) and disposed durable goods, minus materials recycled.

Physical trade balance (PTB) measures the physical trade surplus or deficit of an economy. PTB equals imports minus exports. Physical trade balances may also be defined including hidden flows associated with imports and exports (for example, on the basis of TMC accounts).

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