Co2 1170

Dissipative use, of fertilizers, solvents, etc. 70

ration Digestion of food 2nd feed 130


Construction / minerals 1163

Approx. 1400

Industrial wastes 395

Wast incin

Volume reduction 184

y Water separated from solid wastes^

Landfill 106

Infrastructure, buildings, consumer durables, etc.

Net Additions to Stock

Figure 24.2 Materials balance for Japan, 1990 (million metric tons)

Dissipative use is another important category of output flows. Dissipative flows are dominated by applications of animal manure to fields. Fertilizers and pesticides are intensively used in Japanese agriculture to enhance productivity and compensate for the limited area of available farmland.

However, the total of these output flows is still much less than input flows. This is because more than half of direct material inputs is added to the stock, including consumer durables, capitals of industries and public infrastructures. They can be deemed potential sources of waste in the future.

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