Historical Use Of Material For Physical Goods In The

The use of minerals and metals for physical goods in the USA has been documented by the US Geological Survey (1900-23, 1996-present) and the US Bureau of Mines (1924-95) in their Minerals Yearbooks. Beginning around 1990, the area of concern was expanded to include physical goods produced from all sources, including forest, agricultural and non-renewable organic resources. Owing to the continuity and level of detail with which these data were compiled, reliable information is available for the entire 20th century. An overview of these data, disaggregated by material source, is presented in Figure 22.2 and again in Figure 22.3 in a semi-logarithmic format. (See Table 22A.1 for the data underlying these figures.) The quantities shown are the annual apparent inputs to the use phase (domestic production + imports + recycling - exports) of each processed commodity flow aggregated by material source category. The quantities of material

I | Renewable organics I | Non-renewable organics □ Metals I | Minerals

Great depression


Oil crisis

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