from 656 accidents for anhydrous ammonia facilities to a single accident for 22 listed chemicals. Exactly half of the 160 chemicals listed under the Rule were involved in at least one accident during the reporting period.

Consequences of accidents, according to various measures, are summarized in Table 37.2. We note in passing that there were no off-site deaths from the chemical industry in the five-year period in the USA. There were totals of 1897 injuries and 33 deaths to workers/employees, and there were 141 injuries and no deaths to non-employees, including public responders. Exactly half of the reported accidents (956 of the total of 1912) resulted in worker injuries. Table 37.2 also notes the damages to property and the non-medical off-site consequence analysis resulting from accidents during the reporting period. Note that the property damages alone are in excess of $1 billion, and they do not include business interruption costs, including losses in shareholder value and lost business

Table 37.2 Consequences of accidents during the reporting period (all 14 500 reporting facilities)

Mean or total Std dev'tion Min Max Observations

On-site injuries to workers/contractors

Total on-site injuries 1897

Injuries per accident 0.9922 2.810

Injuries per FTE per accident 0.0202 0.0784

On-site deaths of workers/contractors

Total on-site deaths 33

Deaths per accident 0.0173 0.2224

Deaths per FTE per accident 0.0003 0.0071

On-site property damage ($ millions)

Total on-site damage 1006

Damage per accident 0.528 6.716

Off-site property damage ($ millions)

Total off-site damage 11

Damage per accident 0.006 0.109

Number of accidents with effects on the ecosystem

Fish or animal kills 17

Minor defoliation 54

Water contamination 24

Soil contamination 31

Any environmental damage 101

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