1. In the sense of the SNA which defines 'economic assets' as 'entities (a) over which ownership rights are enforced . . . and (b) from which economic benefits may be derived by their owners' (United Nations et al. 1993, para. 10.2). Therefore Figure 14.2 displays part of natural capital consumption under the column of economic assets.

2. Note that Germany's reunification in 1990 increased material use abruptly. Since then, through adaptation to Western production and consumption patterns, material inputs decreased considerably in the 'new States'.

3. Pointed out by David Pearce at the Second OECD Expert Workshop on 'Frameworks to Measure Sustainable Development' (Paris, 2-3 September 1999), meaning that substitution of total stock is, at least in the short and medium run, not necessary as is sometimes assumed by critics of the weak sustainability criterion.

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