Output Flows To The Environment

Time series of socioeconomic and material flow parameters in Germany reflect the shift from West Germany in 1990 to the reunited Germany in 1991. For comparison, data are shown on a per capita basis since in Germany as a whole after reunification the population was 26 per cent and GDP 24 per cent higher than in Western Germany before. (In the FRG, the population had been rather constant over the whole period from 1975 to 1990. After 1991, the German population increased by 2.6 per cent until 1996.) From 1975 to 1996, DPO was almost constantly high in Western Germany as well as in the reunited Germany, with values around 15t/cap. In contrast, total domestic output was significantly increased in reunited Germany, to 54t/cap, compared to about 30-40t/cap in West Germany. This was due to the lignite4 mines in the eastern part, which had been the backbone of the energy supply in the former GDR.

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