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Many businesses recycle and donate or sell recovered materials through third party dealers to other organizations. Historically, scrap dealers have organized in this fashion, as have charities such as the Salvation Army. More recently, municipal recycling programs have become third parties for commercial and residential customers who supply recovered materials that are transported through the municipality to manufacturers such as glass plants and paper mills. This form of exchange is typically one-way and is generally focused at the end-of-life stage. Waste exchanges formalize trading opportunities by creating hard copy or on-line lists of materials one organization would like to dispose of and another organization might need. The scale of trades can be local, regional, national or global and can involve highly specialized chemicals or even lists of items needed by area charities. The exchanges accomplish various input-output savings on a trade-by-trade basis, rather than continuously. They feature exchange of materials rather than water or energy.

Waste Management And Control

Waste Management And Control

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