Aceh Province Indonesia

The Aceh Province of Indonesia was the area most severely affected by the tsunami of 26 December 2004 (CDC, 2005; Ministry of Health, Indonesia et al., 2005). As of 22 March 2005, there were 126,602 known dead and 93,638 missing. In the public sector, 53 of 244 (23 percent) health facilities were destroyed or severely incapacitated; 42 of 481 (9 percent) health professionals died. This area was also the site of civil unrest for 39 years, which had some severe social and economic consequences.

At the time of the earthquake, Dr David Navarro, Head of the UN Crisis Operations, warned of a second wave of morbidity and mortality, based on anticipation of multiple harsh epidemics of communicable diseases. The major concerns were contaminated water supplies, overcrowded refugee camps, and destroyed sewer lines. It was also an area in which malaria and dengue were endemic, and the combination of the tsunami plus heavy rains that followed created great mosquito-breeding grounds.

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