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Introduction: What constitutes the social ecology of infectious diseases? 1

1 Travel 17

Mary E. Wilson and Lin H. Chen

2 Changing sexual mores and disease transmission 50

David D. Celentano, Frangiscos Sifakis, Vivian Go and Wendy Davis

3 The international drug epidemic 77

Chris Beyrer, Shruti Mehta and Stefan David Baral

4 Urbanization and the social ecology of emerging infectious diseases 113

Bruce A. Wilcox, Duane J. Gubler andH.F. Pizer

5 Suburbanization in developed nations 138

Richard C. Falco, Gary P. Wormser and Thomas J. Daniels

6 The social ecology of infectious disease transmission in day-care centers 171

Robert F. Pass

7 Protecting blood safety 187

Peter L. Page and H.F. Pizer

8 Food safety in the industrialized world 215

Marguerite A. Neill

9 Antibiotic resistance and nosocomial infections 241

Ronald Jay Lubelchek and Robert A. Weinstein

10 Vaccines and immunization 275

Heather J. Lynch and Edgar K. Marcuse

11 Infectious diseases in the context of war, civil strife and social dislocation 300

Ronald Waldman

12 Bioterrorism 316

Andrew W Artenstein and Troy Martin

13 Infectious diseases associated with natural disasters 351

John G. Bartlett

14 Climate change and infectious diseases 378

Anthony J. McMichael and Rosalie E. Woodruff

15 Governance, human rights and infectious disease: theoretical, empirical and practical perspectives 408

Jonathan Cohen and Joseph J. Amon

16 International organizational response to infectious disease epidemics 426

Bjorg Palsdottir, Susan H. Baker and Andre-Jacques Neusy

17 Principles of building the global health workforce 449

Pierce Gardner, Aron Primack, Joshua P Rosenthal and Kenneth Bridbord

Index 465

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