Nosocomial CMV transmission

Spread of CMV to patients in hospitals through contact with staff or from other patients appears to be a rare event. Transmission of CMV from patients to workers also appears to be uncommon. A review of studies of CMV infection among hospital workers and a meta-analysis of studies each found little evidence for increased risk of CMV infection for health-care workers (Flowers et al., 1988; Pass and Stagno, 1988). Handwashing and use of procedures to prevent contact with body fluids are routines in the health-care setting that are probably effective in preventing transmission of CMV. Transmission of CMV through medical procedures that transfer cells from donor to patient, such as blood transfusion, organ transplantation, and assisted reproductive technology, is a concern that has been addressed with prevention strategies in each of these areas. Although of medical importance, these CMV infections have little impact on the prevalence or transmission of CMV infection in the general population.

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