Private sector

1. The tsunami experience showed an extraordinarily high level of national and international public sector involvement, with contributions in terms of professional skills, supplies, and funding. It was noted that these work best when there was a public-private partnership made before people or materials were sent. Best results were with pre-existing relationships or ongoing programs between private groups and UN agencies, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent movement, NGOs, or government agencies. There was emphasis on the need for mutual investment, with an understanding of who and what is needed, and where and when, and under what management arrangements.

2. In the tsunami, private sector experts were successfully deployed, their roles were carefully defined, and support was provided by key representatives of local government and of the UN. Nevertheless, there was concern about some of the motives of the private sector, with emphasis on the need for neutrality and integrity in order to ensure trust, credibility, and efficiency.

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