The principles presented in this chapter are derived from the experience of the Fogarty International Center in developing research and training programs over the past two decades.

The background materials are derived from three comprehensive documents which detail the health challenges in the poor countries in far greater detail, and focus on the geopolitical and economic factors as well as the human resources that are each critical components of health planning. These documents are as follows:

1. World Health Organization (2006). The World Health Report 2006, Working Together For Health. Geneva: World Health Organization.

2. Joint Learning Initiative (JLI) (2004). Human Resources For Health: Overcoming the Crisis. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

3. Committee on the Options for Overseas Placement of US Health Professionals, Mullan, F., Panosian, C. and Cuff, P. (eds) (2005). Healers Abroad: Americans Responding to the Human Resource Crisis in HIV/AIDS. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

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