The Internet and human sexual behavior the evolution of a new technology

The advent of the Internet, which revolutionized the flow of information and streamlined communications, also permanently altered the American social landscape. More than 70 percent of American adults now use the Internet, and more and more feel that the Internet has "improved their ability" to do their jobs, and "improved the way" they "pursue their hobbies and interests" and the "way they get information about health care" (Madden and Lenhart, 2006). The Web's promise as a means of making social connections has also been recognized, and 74 percent of Internet users who are single and looking for romantic partners have used the Internet as an aid in this pursuit (Madden and Lenhart, 2006).

The public health implications of the fast and easy Internet in the world of individual social connections, as well its promise for population-based research and prevention, are reviewed in this section.

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