Cold shock

Cold shock

Freeze intolerant " (supercooled)

Freeze intolerant " (supercooled)

. Heat . of crystallization

Freezing tolerance


Figure 5.2 Typical responses of insects cooled below their normal activity range.

Source: Lee (1989). Bioscience 39, 308-313. © American Institute of Biological Sciences.

with high and low temperature challenges, a treatment of the more significant influences of methods on experimental outcomes is necessary. Here, we deal specifically with experimental protocols, rates of temperature change, and exposure and recovery times, while acknowledging that other factors, such as photoperiod (Lanciani et al. 1992), CO2 anaesthesia, and time of day of the analysis (Lutterschmidt and Hutchison 1997), may also be important. Because acclimation treatments are especially significant, and ecologically relevant, we deal with these separately in the main section on the responses of insects to thermal challenges.

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