Introduction 137

Material and Methods 139

Results 139

Comparing Change of Song and Morphology of Male Genitalia in Isolated,

Allopatric Populations of Closely Related Forms 139

The Subgenus Parnassiana (Tettigoniidae: Platycleidini: Platycleis) 140

Allopatric Forms Differing in Genitalic Morphology, but not in Song 142

Allopatric Forms Differing in Song, but not in Genitalic Morphology 143

Unusually Variable Species 144

Tracking Song Evolution by the Use of Phylogenetic Trees 144

Genus Parapholidoptera (Tettigoniidae) 145

Poecilimon propinquus Group (Phaneropteridae, Barbitistinae, Poecilimon) 146

Other Published Phylogenetic Data 147

Conclusions 148

Acknowledgements 150

Appendix 150

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