Duet Patterns

Duets are typically either repeated sequences of "two-way" conversations (male call-female answer) (Figure 12.1, Figure 12.6 and Figure 12.10), or "three-way" ones (male call-female answer-male reply), or symphonies of grouped calls interspersed by grouped answers (Figure 12.8). In the sequenced duets, the female answer may follow the call after a variable latent time period (Figure 12.4, Figure 12.5 and Figure 12.10) or be overlapped with the latter portion of the

Ancestral Stoneflies (non-drummers)

Antarctoperlaria (non-vibratory systems)

Arctoperlaria (c? searching movements and incidental abdominal bumping; 9 defensive, stationary posturing)


Simple monophasic, percussive duetting (d1 calls and searching -9 stationary answering)

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