Insects are noisemakers. Their hardened exoskeletons click and tap or grind and crunch with nearly every movement, much like mechanical toys made of plastic. Insects and other arthropods are predisposed by their ground plan for acoustic communication, especially through stridulation (the rubbing of body parts together), and they have independently evolved an extraordinary array of sound-producing devices (Ewing, 1989, p. 16). Their noises, songs and music often appeal to our own auditory sensitivities, and have been the subject of much description, analysis and experimentation (reviewed in the current volume and in many other works, e.g. Pierce, 1948; Alexander, 1960; Busnel, 1963; Otte, 1977; Lewis, 1983; Ewing, 1989, Bailey, 1991; Bailey and Ridsdill-Smith, 1991; Gerhardt and Huber, 2002; Greenfield, 2002). Yet clearly audible songs are

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