Table of Contents

Part I

General Aspects of Insect Sounds

Chapter 1 Insect Sounds and Communication — An Introduction 3

Michael Claridge

Chapter 2 Sound and Techniques in Sound Analysis 11

Elias Eliopoulos

Chapter 3 The Auditory-Vibratory Sensory System in Bushcrickets 35

Wolfgang Rossler, Martin Jatho and Klaus Kalmring

Chapter 4 Sense Organs Involved in the Vibratory

Communication of Bugs 71

Andrej Cokl, Meta Virant-Doberlet and Maja Zorovic

Chapter 5 Use of Substrate Vibrations for Orientation: From Behaviour to Physiology 81

Meta Virant-Doberlet, Andrej Cokl and Maja Zorovic

Chapter 6 Size-Frequency Relationships in Insect Vibratory

Signals 99

Reginald B. Cocroft and Paul De Luca

Chapter 7 Acoustic Signals and Temperature 111

Allen F. Sanborn

Chapter 8 Insect Songs — The Evolution of Signal Complexity 127

Winston J. Bailey

Chapter 9 Song Evolution and Speciation in Bushcrickets 137

Chapter 10 Acoustic Communication in Neuropterid Insects 153

Charles S. Henry

Chapter 11 Inheritance of Male Sound Characteristics in

Drosophila Species 167

Anneli Hoikkala

Chapter 12 Vibratory Communication and Mate Searching Behaviour in Stoneflies 179

Kenneth W. Stewart and John B. Sandberg

Chapter 13 Communication by Substrate-Borne Vibrations in

Cave Planthoppers 187

Hannelore Hoch and Andreas Wessel

Chapter 14 Partitioning of Acoustic Transmission Channels in

Grasshopper Communities 199

Maria Bukhvalova

Chapter 15 Insect Species and Their Songs 207

Chapter 16 Is Migration Responsible for the Peculiar Geographical

Distribution and Speciation Based on Acoustic Divergence of Two Cicadas in the Aegean Archipelago? 219

Sakis Drosopoulos, Elias Eliopoulos and Penelope Tsakalou

Chapter 17 Acoustic Evolutionary Divergence in Cicadas: The Species of Cicada L. in Southern Europe 227

Jose A. Quartau and Paula C. Simoes

Chapter 18 Acoustic Communication, Mating Behaviour and Hybridisation in Closely Related, Pseudogamic and Parthenogenetic

Species of Planthoppers 239

Sakis Drosopoulos

Chapter 19 Photoperiodism, Morphology and Acoustic Behaviour in the Leafhopper Genus, Euscelis 255

Hildegard Striibing and Sakis Drosopoulos

Chapter 20 Mutual Eavesdropping Through Vibrations in a

Host-Parasitoid Interaction: From Plant Biomechanics to Behavioural Ecology 263

Jerome Casas and Christelle Magal

Part II

Sounds in Various Taxa of Insects

Chapter 21 Vibratory Signals Produced by Heteroptera — Pentatomorpha and Cimicomorpha 275

Matija Gogala

Chapter 22 Vibratory Communication in Triatominae

(Heteroptera) 297

Claudio R. Lazzari, Gabriel Manrique and Pablo E. Schilman

Chapter 23 Vibratory Communication in Treehoppers

(Hemiptera: Membracidae) 305

Reginald B. Cocroft and Gabriel D. McNett

Chapter 24 Acoustic Characters in the Classification of Higher Taxa of Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera) 319

D. Yu. Tishechkin

Chapter 25 Acoustic Signals, Diversity and Behaviour of Cicadas

(Cicadidae, Hemiptera) 331

Michel Boulard

Chapter 26 Vibratory Communication and Mating Behaviour in the European Lantern Fly, Dictyophara europea

(Dictyopharidae, Hemiptera) 351

Hildegard Strubing

Chapter 27 Vibratory Communication in Psylloidea (Hemiptera) 357

D. Yu. Tishechkin

Chapter 28 Mating Behaviour and Vibratory Signals in Whiteflies

(Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) 365

K. Kanmiya

Chapter 29 Communication by Vibratory Signals in Diptera 381

K. Kanmiya

Chapter 30 Stridulation in the Coleoptera — An Overview 397

Andreas Wessel

Chapter 31 Vibratory Communication in Dung Beetles

(Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera) 405

Julia Kasper and Petra Hirschberger

Chapter 32 Vibratory and Airborne-Sound

Signals in Bee Communication (Hymenoptera) 421

Michael Hrncir, Friedrich G. Barth and Jurgen Tautz

References 437

Index 501

Part I_

General Aspects of Insect Sounds

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