Complexity and Domains

The world is complex and its complexity can be explained not by compressing the components of a system, but by distinguishing the complexity as composed of different domains that operate independently and at the same time influence each other. Every domain operates in its space-time window and has properties that are conditioning entities and processes in that specific domain.

In many cases the domains can operate in strict relationship, and in this case we can consider constellations of related domains like meta-domains.

A domain is a context in which specific processes occur and the phenomenon that exists in a domain is domain-specific. A domain is not an extra-sensorial entity but a physical, perceptive, and cognitive space composed of entities that interact for a specific process that exists only in that domain. A domain can be considered in ecology as the niche of a species, the range in which certain variables exist and operate.

A watershed, the area in which atmospheric, surficial and underground water move toward a coalescence sink is a geographic domain. A watershed is clearly independent of another neighboring watershed but a net of watersheds can create a large river catchment. In this case every distinct watershed can be considered as a part of a catchment meta-domain. Similarly a political domain creates an independent country with distinct laws, uses, and ethnic populations that operate inside a specific area.

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