A field course book list

The following books are often useful during field courses: General guides

Barrett, J.H. and Yonge, C.M. (1972). Pocket Guide to the Sea-Shore (revised edition). London, Collins.

Campbell, A.C. and Nicholls, J. (1976). Hamlyn Guide to the Seashore and Shallow Seas of Britain and Europe. London, Hamlyn. Cremona, J. (1988). A field atlas of the seashore. Cambridge University Press. Dipper, F.A. and Powell, A. (1984). A field guide to the water life of Britain. Reader's Digest Nature Lover's Library. Reader's Digest Association Ltd.

Eales, N.B. (1967). The Littoral Fauna of Great Britain. 4th edition. Cambridge University Press (out of print).

Earll, R.C. (1992). The Seasearch habitat guide. An identification guide to the main habitats found in the shallow seas around the British Isles. Marine Biological Consultants Ltd.

Erwin, D. and Picton, B. (1987). Guide to inshore marine life. A Marine Conservation Society Guide. London, Immel Publishing.

George, D. and George, J. (1979). Marine Life: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Invertebrates in the Sea. London, Harrap (out of print).

Hawkins, S.J. and Jones, H.D. (1992). Marine Field Course Guide 1. Rocky Shores. Marine Conservation Society. Immel Publishing.

Hayward, P. Nelson-Smith, T. and Shields, C. (1996). Collins Pocket Guide: Sea Shores of Britain and Northern Europe. London, Harper Collins.

Hayward, P. and Ryland, J.S. (eds) (1995). Handbook of the marine fauna of north-west Europe. Oxford University Press. (Compact version of a two-volume work. Includes keys to most groups.)

Hayward, P.J. (1988). Animals on seaweed. Naturalists' Handbooks 9. Richmond Publishing Co. Ltd.

Hayward, P.J. (1994). Animals of sandy shores. Naturalists' Handbooks 21. Richmond Publishing Co. Ltd.

Quigley, M. and Crump, R. (1986). Animals and plants of rocky shores. Blackwell Habitat Field Guide.

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