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Michael P. Doyle, Regents Professor and Director of the Center for Food Safety, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA, USA

Editorial Board

Francis F. Busta, Director - National Center for Food Protection and Defense, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Bruce R. Cords, Vice President, Environment, Food Safety & Public Health, Ecolab Inc., St. Paul, MN, USA

Catherine W. Donnelly, Professor of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA

Paul A. Hall, Senior Director Microbiology & Food Safety, Kraft Foods North America, Glenview, IL, USA

Ailsa D. Hocking, Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO - Food Science Australia, North Ryde, Australia

Thomas J. Montville, Professor of Food Microbiology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

R. Bruce Tompkin, Formerly Vice President-Product Safety, ConAgra Refrigerated Prepared Foods, Downers Grove, IL, USA


PCR Methods in Foods, John Maurer (Ed.) (2006) Foodborne Parasites, Ynes R. Ortega (Ed.) (2006) Viruses in Foods, Sagar Goyal (Ed.) (2006)

Molecular Techniques in the Microbial Ecology of Fermented Foods, Luca Cocolin and Danilo Ercolini (Eds.) (2008)

Luca Cocolin • Danilo Ercolini


Molecular Techniques in the Microbial Ecology of Fermented Foods


Luca Cocolin

Dipartimento di Valorizzazione e Protezione delle Risorse Agroforestali University of Torino Italy

Danilo Ercolini Department of Food Science School of Biotechnological Sciences University of Naples Federico II Italy

Advisory Board for this current work:

Professor Salvatore Coppola University of Naples Frederico II Italy

Dr. Kalliopi Rantsiou University of Torino Italy

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