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Introduction 389 Phosphorus 391

The Soil Phosphorus Cycle 391 Nature and Forms of Phosphorus in Soil 393 Biological Importance of Phosphorus 397 Microbial Transformations of Phosphorus 398 Sulfur 400

The Soil Sulfur Cycle 400 Nature and Forms of Sulfur in Soil 402 Biological Importance of Sulfur 406 Microbial Transformations of Sulfur 406 Micronutrients and Trace Metals 413

Micronutrient and Trace Metal Cycling in Soil 413 Nature and Forms in Soil 414 Biological Importance 415 Microbial Transformations 417 Environmental Significance of P, S, and Metal Biogeochemistry 423 Eutrophication 423 Acid Sulfate Soils 423 Acid Mine Drainage 424 Heavy Metal Mining Using Microbes 426 Microbial Corrosion of Buried Iron and Concrete Pipes 427 Conclusion: Microorganisms as Unifiers of Elemental Cycles in Soil 430 References and Suggested Reading 430

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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