Carbon Cycling and Formation of Soil Organic Matter w horwath

Introduction 303 Long-Term Carbon Cycle 304 The Short-Term C Cycle 307 Ecosystem C Cycling 309 Composition and Turnover of C Inputs to Soil 312 Plant and Microbial Lipids 315 Starch 315

Hemicelluloses, Pectins, and Cellulose 317 Lignin 320

Other Plant Cell Wall Carbohydrates and Proteins 324 Plant Secondary Compounds 325 Roots and Root Exudates 325 Cell Walls of Microorganisms 327 Soil Organic Matter 329

Soil Organic Matter Formation 329 Classical Fractions of Soil Organic Matter 332 Physical Analysis of Soil Organic Matter Fractions 333 Structure of Soil Organic Matter 335 Quantity and Distribution of Organic Matter in Soils 335 Role of Methane in the C Cycle 336 Future Considerations 337 References and Suggested Reading 337

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