Crop Rotations And Green Manures

In agricultural systems, plant pathogens are an important part of the soil microbial community. As growers reduce tillage and incorporate a greater variety of crops in rotation they face an increasing number of plant diseases that can cause significant stand and yield reductions. These potential losses, however, may be offset in systems incorporating green manures by promoting disease-suppressing properties that reduce plant pathogens, either (1) by increasing the levels of SOM that create conditions supporting a greater microbial biomass, competition for resources, antibiosis, or antagonism or (2) through direct inhibition by production of antibacterial/fungal compounds as in the case of Brassica cover crops that produce isothiocyanates. Cover crops are known to control disease-causing organisms through competition for resources and space, control of soil micronutrient status, and alteration of root growth.

the potential for managing microorganisms and their processes

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