Fauna The Engine for Microbial Activity and

Transport d. C. Coleman and d. h. wall

Introduction 163 The Microfauna 166

Methods for Extracting and Counting Protozoa 168 Impacts of Protozoa on Ecosystem Function 168 Distribution of Protozoa in Soil Profiles 169 Rotifera 169 Nematoda 170

Nematode Feeding Habits 170 Zones of Nematode Activity in Soil 173 Nematode Extraction Techniques 174 Microarthropods 174 Enchytraeids 175 Macrofauna 178

Macroarthropods 178 Importance of the Macroarthropods 179 Oligochaeta (Earthworms) 179 Formicidae (Ants) 183 Termitidae (Termites) 183 Summary 185 References 186

PART iii

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