In Soils

Introduction 471

Changing Soil Organism Populations and Processes 473 Tillage and Erosion 474 Rangeland and Forest Health 477 Alternative Agricultural Management 480

Organic Agriculture 480 Biodynamic Agriculture 482 Composting 483

Crop Rotations and Green Manures 486 The Potential for Managing Microorganisms and Their Processes 487 Management of Native and Introduced Microorganisms 487 Managing Microbial Populations as Agents of Biological Control 488 Control of Insects 490 Weed Control 492

Use of Synthetic and Natural Compounds to Modify Soil Communities or Functions 493 Manipulating Soil Populations for Bioremediation of Xenobiotics 495

Concluding Comments on Microbial Ecology 499 References and Suggested Reading 500

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