The Prokaryotes k. killham and j. i. prosser

Introduction 119 Phylogeny 120

Cultivated Organisms 120 Uncultivated Organisms 121 Phylogeny and Function 125 General Features of Prokaryotes 126 Cell Structure 127

Unicellular Growth Forms 127 Filamentous and Mycelial Growth 129 Cell Walls 129 Internal Structure 131 Motility 132 Metabolism and Physiology 132

Carbon and Energy Sources 132 Oxygen Requirements 133 Substrate Utilization 134 Autochthony and Zymogeny 136 Oligotrophy, Copiotrophy, and the R-K Continuum 137 Facultativeness 138 Biodegradation Capacity 138 Cellulose 138 Pollutants 139

Differentiation, Secondary Metabolism, and Antibiotic Production 141 Conclusions 142

References and General Reading 143

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