Resolution Explicit

- Litter/SOM decomposer -

Model Spatial'1 TemporaF distinction pool No.

Soil food web model R F Mi. H Separate Yes 4


ITE P. F Mi Separate Yes

(Thornley and Verberne. 1989; Thornley and Cannell, 1992)

NCSOIL S D Separate No


PHOENIX P.F D.W. Mo Separate Yes

(McGill etal., 1981)

Q-SOIL P. F Y Combined No

(Bosatta and √Ągren 1985. 1994)

(Jenkinson etal, 1987; N. G Jenkinson, 1990)

Nonliving SOM pools


Regulation Other by soil Rate nutrient texture kinetics elements

Labile litter, resistant litter. No stable SOM, refractile

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