Biological N Inputs p. J. bottomley and d. d. myrold

Global N Inputs 365 Biological Nitrogen Fixation 367 Free-Living N2-Fixing Bacteria 372 Associative N2-Fixing Bacteria 373 Phototrophic Bacteria 374

Symbiotic N2-Fixing Associations between Legumes and Rhizobia 375 Formation of the Symbiosis 375 Rhizobial Nodulation Genes 378 Plant Nodulation Genes 380

Development of BNF and Nitrogen Assimilatory Processes in Nodules 381 Symbiotic Associations between Actinorhizal Plants and Frankia 383 Biotechnology of BNF 385 Acknowledgments 386 References and Suggested Reading 386

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Worm Farming

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