TABLE 15.14 Some Bacteria Involved in Corrosion Processes'1

Optimal range


Oxygen requirement

Inorganic component

Metabolic end products


Sulfate reducing: Desulfovibrio Anaerobic Sulfate, thiosulfate desulfuricans

Sulfur oxidizing: Acidithiobacillus Aerobic Sulfur, thiosulfate thiooxidans

Thiosulfate oxidizing: Aerobic Thiosulfate, sulfur

Thiobacillus thioparus Iron bacteria: Crenothrix, Aerobic Iron, manganese

Leptothrix, Gallionella Nitrate reducing: Thiobacillus Facultative Thiosulfate, denitrificans sulfur, sulfide

Hydrogen utilizing: Microaerophilic Hydrogen


Hydrogen sulfide

Sulfuric acid

Sulfur, sulfuric acid

Ferric or manganese oxides Sulfate


Water, soil, mud, oil reservoir Soil, water

Soil, water, mud, sewage Water

Soil, mud, peat, water Soil, water

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