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Figure 28.18 Macrobiogeochemistry: A Cosmic View of Mineral Cycling in Microorganisms, Higher Organisms, and the Abiotic Chemical World. All biogeochemical cycles are linked, with energy being obtained from light and pairs of reduced and oxidized compounds. Only major flows are shown. See individual cycles for details of energetic-linked relationships. The forms that move between the microorganisms and multicellular organisms can vary. The broad concept is that all cycles are linked. The biotic components include both living forms and those that have died/senesced and which are being processed. Flows from lithogenic sources are important for phosphorus. Methane transformations are only microbial (see discussion of the carbon cycle). Organic matter (OM).

living bacteria is controlled by a series of feedback processes that involve competition for sulfide with other bacteria, and predation on the epibiont and on the competing bacteria. Thus the equilibrium observed at any time is the result of a series of interactions, involving protocooperation, predation, and competition.

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