Taylor BSc PhD

Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History)

108 Palaeocene Marine Sand Community

109 Estuarine Sand Community

110 Eocene Marine Mud Community

111 Eocene Shallow Marine Clay Communities

112 Eocene Sublittoral Sandy Clay Community

113 Eocene Glauconite Sandy Clay Community

114 Eocene Shelf Silt and Sand Community

115 Palaeogene Brackish Water Community

116 Palaeogene Freshwater Community

117 Pliocene Marine Gravel Communities

118 Pleistocene Sublittoral Sand Community

119 Pleistocene Freshwater Sand and Clay Community

J. Taylor

120 Offshore Muddy Sand Community

121 Intertidal Mud Community

122 Shell Gravel Community

123 Intertidal Rocky Shore Community

124 Tropical Marine Grass Beds

125 Tropical Coral Reef Assemblage


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