Arthropods Terrestrial

Arthropods, a large phylum of jointed animals with an exoskeleton, had marine origins more than 550 million years ago. The first records of animal life on land were other arthropods, which appeared approximately 100 million years later. This eventually led to a modern diversity of more than 1.5 million known species, most of which are winged hexapods, the insects. Arthropods are pivotal for terrestrial ecosystems, as phytophages, pollinators, parasites, predators, and detritivores.

Some species are vectors of epidemic diseases; others live in the most complex societies in the natural world. A combination of small size and exoskeletal structure allowed arthropods to invade various terrestrial niches. Generally short generation time and, for winged insects, excellent dispersal ability has also made most species genetically highly adaptable. These factors probably led to the unparalleled success of terrestrial arthropods in the 4 billion years of life on earth.

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