Basidiomycotes produce basidia, clublike bodies within their gills or pores. These are best known to us because their clumped sexual reproductive organs pop up as edible, poisonous, and psychedelic mushrooms. The basidiospores result from a complex sexual life cycle that includes fusing hyphae and the merging of genetically different nuclei. There are two classes, the Heterobasidiomycetae and the Homobasidiomycetae; in the former are found the rusts and smuts, such as corn smut, "huitlacoche" or "cuitlacoche," a Mexican delicacy, while to the second group belong

Fungus growing on a tree, Minnesota (Richard Hamilton Smith/Corbis)

most mushrooms. Ectomycorrhizae, symbioses bringing phosphorus and other nutrients to trees and shrubs, are engaged in by thousands of basidiomycote species.

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Worm Farming

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