Creating More Sustainable Agriculture to Protect Natural Areas

One key to conserving global biodiversity is to improve the sustainability of agriculture, especially by protecting soil fertility. If farmers maintain productive soils, fewer natural areas will have to be converted to agriculture. It is most critical to reduce soil erosion, which has destroyed one-third of the world's farmland over the last forty years. Techniques for improving soil fertility may have the greatest impact on small farmers in the tropics. Such farmers often deplete the soil after only a few years, requiring them to clear more land.

Several practices improve soil sustainabil-ity. Erosion is reduced by limiting the amount of plowing. Soil is protected and held in place by the constant presence of vegetation, such as cover crops, perennial crops, or strips of trees and native plant species. Soil fertility can be improved by interplanting or rotating food crops with plants that increase soil nutrients and organic matter.

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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