Cultural Diversity

An important part of human diversity is our cultural diversity, which determines the way we interact with each other as well as the way in which we interact with other species and habitats. Approximately 4 percent of the world's human population live in regions rich in nonhuman species or habitats. The effect of human cultural activity on the ecology of these and other regions is an important aspect of biodiversity.

The factors that determine how humans interact with the environment are complex. They vary historically, affected by the development of advanced agricultural, industrial, and engineering technology, and geographically, depending on the climate and physical geography of the area. The relative size and economy of any human community can also affect how that community uses its natural resources. Also, human use of natural resources is diverse, even locally, and varies significantly within and between communities and cul-

tures, driven by the requirements, values, or interests of individuals within a culture, rather than by the culture as a whole.

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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