Discovery of Bacteria

When one thinks of biodiversity, it may be tempting to ignore bacteria. But bacteria, also known as prokaryotes—a name that derives from the lack of nuclei in their cells—in many ways hold the richest reserves of planetary diversity. All other life forms on the planet are eukaryotes—that is, they are composed of cells with nuclei. That is not entirely surprising. Bacteria are the oldest life forms on the planet; with an evolutionary history stretching back almost 4 billion years, they have had more time to evolve than more familiar, visible, and recent organisms. As macroscopic beings, experiencing life at our own size, human beings did not merely ignore bacteria for centuries: we did not even know of their existence. Smelly cheeses and feet, diseases, and the smells of fresh forest air: while today we know that they are made possible by, or even directly caused by, the growth and release of chemicals by bacteria, for most of human history they were interpreted to stem from other sources, such as evil spirits or God. With the innovation of the microscope, however, the vast scope of the bacterial world began to be gleaned. The early use of this device by Anton van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch draper from Delft, suggested the depth and breadth of the alien and wonderful realms not visible to the unaided eye: van Leeuwenhoek explored the subvisible realm everywhere it might be, from the teeth scrapings of alcoholics to frogs' rectal fluid. But if van Leeuwenhoek had already by the 1600s inferred the vast scope of our once unsuspected planetmates, the bacteria, it was not until the invention of more powerful microscopes, evolutionary theory, and modern cell biology that we have begun to realize the true contribution of these beings to global biodiversity.

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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