Physical Anthropology

An evolutionary science, physical anthropology is the anatomical and evolutionary study of humans as biological organisms. Physical anthropology, also referred to as biological anthropology, is one of several subfields within the anthropological discipline: cultural, linguistic, archaeological, ecological, and physical.

The field of physical anthropology is composed of many topical areas of interest. The more traditionally defined areas are: (1) primate studies, (2) paleoanthropology, and (3) human variation. Today's physical anthropology relies on a multidisciplinary approach, bringing with it a whole host of methodologies that will lend some clarity on the biological his tory of our human and nonhuman primate ancestors. Only then can we know what it means to be human. Only then will a clear picture emerge of how and when humanity took an evolutionary foothold that luckily for us has yet to loose its grip.

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Worm Farming

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