Sustainability assumes that populations and ecosystems are biologically healthy if they can sustain themselves at a steady level over time. This concept is therefore more concerned with maintaining biodiversity at an existing steady state than attempting to change the structure of the populations, species, and ecosystems back to some former level. Again,

The io moth (Automeris io), also known as the peacock moth, has spots on its hind wings that look like eyes and may serve as a defense against predation. (Jim Zuckerman/Corbis)

reintroducing a previously extirpated species would increase the biodiversity of a region but perhaps compromise the sustainability of the existing biodiversity. However, sustain-ability tends to focus on a few key populations, species, or resources in an ecosystem rather than considering the dynamics and diversity of the system as a whole. Thus the concept of sustainability can sometimes oversimplify an assessment of the biological health of an environment.

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