The Value of Biodiversity to Ecosystems

It is generally accepted that biodiversity plays an important role in contributing to the stability and resilience of ecosystems, but that role is very complex. Some studies show that ecosystems with greater biodiversity are more resistant to disturbances such as drought. Biodiversity may also play a role in water and nutrient retention, plant productivity, and decomposition. An important finding of ecosystem studies is that the adverse effects of biodiversity loss are frequently nonlinear— that is, no serious effect may occur at first as species are lost, but then a threshold is reached at which serious consequences occur suddenly. An important issue here is the contribution of biodiversity to evolutionary potential. Seemingly redundant species may assume a key role in ecosystems when environmental condi tions change or when other species can no longer play a keystone role. So yet another value of biodiversity to humans is as an insurance policy against the effects of environmental change. A change in climate, an invasive species, or human disturbance, may be less damaging to an ecosystem if it has the evolutionary potential to respond to change.

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Worm Farming

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