Acanthoclinus fuscus See Roundheads

Acanthopterygians A superorder of fishes, characterized by spiny fins and *ctenoid scales, and which includes the perch-like fishes and closely allied groups, i.e. the majority of the over 28,000 extant species offish.

It is therefore not surprising that *Jenyns, who described CD's fish *collection, should have had problems with the Acanthoptery-gians. Thus CD's encouragements to Jenyns: I admire the ingenuity, with which you perceive afishysmell about my book, my silence, & daresay the very name of me: - Moreover this fishy smell, as far as I remember of it in *Henslow's Museum was not very savoury, so that I fear the very idea of me must disturb your nostril. -Far from thinking you have done little, I am delighted to hear that the Acant. are so nearly ready: with respect to the time could you let me have the fish by the end of November, as the latest, so as to produce a number by the final day of the year, or on the 1st of the ensuing March. [. . .]. Have you any idea of the bulk of your M.S. for the Acant. portion of the Fish? [...].

I am really very sorry that you find my fish such a troublesome job - ill luck to them they have caused me trouble & plague also, - but I trust you will eventually be repaid in their having led you to study some of the groups of foreign fish - & I feel sure, that whatever you do in them, as far as it goes, will be good work, & a step in the good science of Natural History (Correspondence, July 15,1839).

Acanthurus spp. See Surgeonfishes.

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