Dace Common name of Leuciscus leuciscus (Linnaeus, 1758), a 'white fish' of the family *Cyprinidae.

CD wanted to use Dace for his various *exper-iments on seed dispersal, and thus he concluded a long list of questions to Thomas Eyton, an ornithologist, with: Lastly (if you are not sick of my enquiries) have you ever examined the stomachs of dace & other white fish? Do they ever eat seeds; I know it is good to bait a place with grains. For like the house which Jack built, a heron might eat a fish with seed of water plant & then fly to another pond.

I have been trying for a year with no success to get some dace &c. Have you any & could you catch some in net. & order your kitchen maid to clean them, & you cd. send me the whole stomach & I would sow the contents on burnt earth with every proper precaution. If everyour good nature shd. lead you to send me any such rubbish; it might be put in bladder or tin foil & sent by Post, & if you will not think me very impertinent I could repay you the shilling or two for postage; as the rubbish wd. thus come much quicker & cheaper to me (Corresp., August 31, 1856).

The house which Jack built refers to a story where "This is the farmer who sowed the corn/ That fed the Cock that crowed in the morn/ That waked the Priest all shaven and shorn/ That married the Man all tattered and torn/ [. . .] /That killed the Rat/That ate the Malt/That lay in the house that Jack built." (Caldecott 1878), similar to the story of'The old woman and her pig' (Conner 1813), also mentioned by CD in connection with his fish feeding *experiments.

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